Tiffany and Co. Icon Collections

Last week I was so grateful to be included in a special dinner hosted by two dear friends at Tiffany and Co. I had no idea that the San Francisco store was Tiffany’s second store, after their New York flagship.  I love that Tiffany is re-investing in SF and doubling down on Union Square.  The dinner was to celebrate The Icons- those Tiffany collections that have truly stood the test of time.  The Lock, The T, The Knot (my personal favorite) and a few others are on display in a beautiful new light on Post Street.  Tiffany, especially in San Francisco, is ALWAYS a good idea. 

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Dock and Bay

Earlier this year I was at Belvedere Tennis Club attempting to corral three children without appearing totally out of control. It was going well until my eyes were quickly drawn to the most fabulous set of stripes. Another mom had these adorable towels monogrammed for each of her children. They are quick dry, easy to pack and even come in a poncho version. I love the luxurious Weezie towels as well, but these are perfect for travel and packing. 

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Pink Jesus Ice Cream at Humphrey Slocombe

It’s April so.. You know… 4/20! Seemed like the right time to plug this collab between iconic Bay-Area based Humphrey Slocombe ice cream and Sonoma Hills Farm, the cannabis company that is bringing THC into the mainstream. SHF’s popular strain, Pink Jesus, perfectly pairs with this high end ice cream. I can’t wait for more Sonoma Hill Farms products to hit the market!

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Broad Street Oyster Co.

Seafood Towers, lobster rolls and views of Aquatic Park? I’m in! Ghirardelli Square is ROCKING right now.  Between the mini-golf, the arcade, Palette Tea House, Bario, and of course… Cultivar!... this iconic San Francisco attraction isn’t just for tourists any more.  Broad Street Oyster Co just opened across from Cultivar and the food is fabulous.  Don’t miss it.

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Kilte Collection

I’ve stalked this washable cashmere brand for over a year after Caitlin Geier Fisher mentioned it on her instagram. I finally committed to a black set after attending a truck show in Pacific Heights last week. I wish I had done it earlier! The Kilte Long Sleeve Liz set is perfect for San Francisco weather. Chic yet comfortable, it can be dressed down or dressed up. 

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April 2023


Sollis Heath in San Francisco

Private urgent care? Yes, please. I was home after having our third child and started seeing “spots” after a long day. It was a weekend, so I began googling what this could mean and it sent me into a tailspin. I went to an urgent care, which told me that no matter what, because of just having a baby, they were going to recommend I go to the ER and get a CAT scan. This was before they even took my blood pressure! Of course, I wanted to appropriately address whatever my medical needs were, but at the same time felt there was a lot of “covering liability bases” going on here, as opposed to actually addressing my true state of health. Enter Sollis Health, which has just opened in San Francisco. Sollis is a concierge urgent care that can provide almost all that an ER can, but without the likely 3 to 5 to 10-hour waits. I’m excited to get to know the service better as I have heard rave reviews from friends in New York where it already exists. And to update you- I had slightly elevated blood pressure- but am now all good and just need to drink more water. No CAT scan is needed… But thrilled this is a resource to me and my clients in San Francisco!
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Pipette Baby

Perhaps I’m late to this party, but the Pipette Baby line is a total game-changer for our children’s skin! The products from this clean line were gifted to me along with products from Biossance. Both Pipette and Biossance are from the parent company Amyris, based out of Emeryville. The company is delivering its No Compromise® products and services across several markets, including specialty. We have been impressed with the quality and results of both Pippette and Biossance, and I can’t wait to restock! I will be gifting my clients these products for their new arrivals for years to come.
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Oso and Me

I became familiar with the Oso and Me brand years ago when my daughter was young. Fun prints and soft fabrics caught my eye, along with the knowledge that the company is based in San Francisco. But flash forward to 2023 as I am looking for soft clothing for my 6-year-old and 7-month-old sons. The Oso and Me boys shorts are must-haves for summer months of travel and warm days in San Francisco and Marin. After stocking up at their booth supporting Children of Shelters earlier this week, I am planning to go by their store in the Presidio (116 Sheridan) to round out my summer haul. These clothes stand the test of time- and the “touch test” from children with sensitive skin.
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Origin Point

I’m a tried and true fan of First Republic Bank, but with recent interest rate hikes and instability in the local markets, I always advise my clients to explore multiple options for financing. OriginPoint is the product of Compass Real Estate joining forces with Guaranteed Rate. The result is a flexible financing option worth looking into when you are considering sale or refinancing. I’ve found our Origin Point contacts extremely responsive, and I’m happy to put you in touch directly with one of them if you are interested in exploring.
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April, 2021


Commonwealth Marin

Fabulous new store alert! Alexis Nordby, a fifth-generation San Franciscan, has the most incredible style. I’ve been begging her to start her own business, so I was SUPER psyched when I got the call that she is opening Commonwealth Marin at Marin Country Mart. Named after the street her mother grew up on in San Francisco, the small jewel box of a store features carefully selected pieces from some of the most sought-after designers. Mark your calendars for her soft opening on April 16-22. And please note… she will be taking the guesswork out of Mother's Day Gifting! Moms can create their wishlists… and she will even make the call to your husbands and other gift-givers. Congratulations Alexis- can’t wait to up my jewelry game at Commonwealth!

Parker Thatch

Some of my favorite wedding gifts back in 2012 were a monogrammed pillow and a monogrammed tray from what was then known as Nomoi but is now known as Parker Thatch. Known for their personalization, vibrant colors, and super high quality, Parker Thatch products are an upgrade to any outfit or home! I’m currently coveting this version of the Lil Easy. Bonus- this is a Bay Area company run by a husband and wife team! Love shopping locally.

Carol Curtis Art & Needlepoint

I grew up watching my mom, Carol Curtis, create the most beautiful pieces of needlepoint and watercolors. She has always been an entrepreneur, but I’ve been particularly proud to watch her grow her needlepoint design business- @carolcurtisart. If you or someone you love adores needlepoint, definitely check out her Instagram account and place an order for her handmade, high-quality pieces. Safe to say I did not inherit her creative gene, but I’ve been so blessed to have these beautiful pieces in my home throughout my life. (Insider tip- she also creates watercolor portraits based on photos. Email me if you are interested!)

Tadich Grill 

It’s BACK!!! My heart sank when I saw that Tadich Grill, the oldest continuously run restaurant in California and the third oldest in the US, is OPEN FOR BUSINESS AGAIN! Lunch is 11-2 and Dinner is 5-9, and reservations are certainly recommended. Sitting at the bar at Tadich Grill gives me all the best Financial District feels. My favorite times there are around the holidays when San Francisco’s streets are gearing up for celebration. Although the hustle and bustle of downtown aren’t back quite yet, I highly recommend bringing your family and friends down to Tadich for martinis, a crab Louie, and sand dabs- and to toast their incredible staff for making it through 2020!
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