The Bay Area Discovery Museum is a refuge for parents and children who are looking for a step up from the weekend park routine.

Creativity is at the center of this world-class facility, and its well-credentialed staff and dedicated volunteers open the minds of both kids and adults. My children have had incredible experiences at the BADM summer camp, experiencing everything from art to physics. When they were toddlers our weekends usually included a trip to BADM, lunch at their cute AND healthy cafe, and perhaps a glass of wine at Cavallo Point after our museum experience.
But the BADM is for adults too! Their Creativity Forum has featured world-renowned speakers who address everything from a curriculum that expands children’s minds during formative years to how to raise children with empathy. (Last year, the Creativity Forum was the last event I attended before shut down, and they featured Michele Borba, author of The Unselfie. The conversation focused on how to raise empathetic children. How bizarre that the next year would be spent looking at ourselves on Zoom!)

On May 21, BADM will host its annual Creativity Forum - and this year you can attend even if you don’t live in the Bay Area. Dr. Dan Schwartz, Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Education, will share his insights on “The New Science of Learning”, highlighting imagination and discovery as key tools for learning, and tricks parents can employ. Even better, proceeds support BADM's school and community programs, benefitting 80,000 individuals through program scholarships or free admission each year. Purchase your tickets for the Friday, May 21, 2021 Virtual Creativity Forum.

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