February, 2024


Voter Guides

Hey I get it so many agents say we have to keep politics out of our business. But I can’t. My business IS San Francisco and Marin. The safety and well being of my business, my family, friends, and clients depend on politicians and elections. So I’m throwing out a few voter guides for you to check out before you VOTE on March 5 (or before!). Together SF is one of my favorite groups that have come together to fight the drug crisis in SF and get us back on track. Check out their guide here. Marie Hurabiell, a San Francisco native and friend from my time in Junior League of SF, has dedicated the past few years to making the city better. She sent me the No BS Voter Guide, which I recommend you take a look at. I look forward to voting for Chip Zecher and Jean Myungjin Roland for Superior Court Judges. These positions are so important for the future of our city, and often overlooked by voters. I’m not an expert- but I know plenty of them So please reach out if you would like to connect directly with those leading the charge on bringing San Francisco back into its Glory Days!
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M Market

I didn’t get this newsletter out in time for Valentines Day, but there is always time for the perfect gift! Check out the M Market for curated gift boxes, gift baskets, and corporate gifting. They are currently featuring a basket which includes Caspar Estate honey and olive oil- a local favorite! I love how these business owners, both native San Franciscans, always bring it back to the city!
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Gotta Try It

Well, these ladies are not based in San Francisco… and I have featured them before, but I can’t help but plug the Gotta Try It instagram and blog. They have fabulous recommendations for skincare, clothes, cooking, and general life-hacks when it comes to parenting. Great job ladies!
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Phoenix Open

Yes, you will have to wait a full year to attend the 2025 Waste Management Phoenix Open- but it may actually take you that long to get tickets! Or at least, the right tickets.  I was invited by a life-long friend and her husband to attend the golf tournament this year. We hung out in the Family Pavilion, the Bay Club, and the Greenskeeper. I didn’t make it to the infamous 16th hole- but I am likely too old for that now! We ended the day at the Birds Nest where we watched Duran Duran and Fizz and the Tantrums. Earlier in the week Post Malone and Dierks Bently had played. Congratulations to The Thunderbirds, the volunteer organization that puts on the Phoenix Open each year and has since 1937 when it began.  The tournament used to take place at Phoenix Country Club, where I grew up, but has grown to such a size that it can only be held at a venue like the TPC.  The Phoenix Open raised over $190 million this year.  Book your flights for 2025! 

February, 2023


USF Dons Basketball

I’m a bit “late to the game” on this, but my family and I recently attended a USF Dons basketball game on a Saturday evening in January. It was a BLAST. The kids had a great time sitting in the student section, which surprisingly had several young families. The energy was high and it was the perfect family activity for a rainy January. We enjoyed popcorn, a glass of wine, and cokes and cheered for our local Don’s. I will be looking into season tickets for 2024.
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Ditas in Sausalito

Ditas in Sausalito will be opening soon in its newly renovated space above the Trident. My husband and I hosted a few clients at their opening party in January and there was quite a buzz about the new restaurant among locals. The owner put together a private dinner for my husband and his staff from Cultivar San Francisco, and we were blown away by the food. I look forward to going back when they are open to the public.
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Rocks with Soul & Commonwealth of Marin

I have to revisit my go-to suggestions for Valentine's Day - jewelry of course! Rocks with Soul and Commonwealth of Marin are two locally owned shops that do not disappoint. Both have gifts at various price ranges, and you know you are shopping local and supporting women-owned businesses. Both Kerri from Rocks and Alexis with Commonwealth are the perfect people to help you select your gift… whether it’s for yourself or a loved one! 
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Tinx X Tabasco Hot Sauce Dressing

Give the Gift of… hot sauce!? Yes… I think I’m in love. In a recent collaboration with Tabasco, the influencer “Tinx” has created her hot sauce/dressing. I’m enjoying it on EVERYTHING. But it’s a limited run… so get yours fast! And as Tinx says, “Normalize hot sauce as dressing.”
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Just For You Bodywork & Massage

Have you recently had surgery or experiencing a general lethargy? Since having my third child I have been blessed to get to know Luciana Andrus, the founder of Just for You Bodywork and Massage. She is a well-kept secret and I know many people will be unhappy with me for putting the word out about her- but she is expanding her team and I can’t keep the secret any longer. Luciana and her team are recommended by top surgeons for postoperative lymphatic drainage bodywork, but you don’t have to have surgery to see her. I highly recommend getting on her list for either her Mill Valley or 450 Sutter locations.
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Le Specs

I’ve just purchased my fourth pair of Le Specs. These relatively low-priced sunglasses are available on Amazon and come in dozens of styles. I love them because they are fairly inexpensive, but finish my outfits with a sense of style. Do you have a pair? I would love to hear what you think of them!
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February, 2021


Thank you to everyone who voted earlier this month on the MCH San Francisco Love List!

There were a few “favorites” that popped straight to the top (ahem… Cotonga!), but we are grateful for all of the submissions. I’ll be sharing more submissions via social media in the coming weeks, or feel free to reach out to me for recommendations!

It’s February and my heart is obviously in San Francisco. 

When it comes to your spouse, partner, children, latest Covid-Bumble match, or Zoom work partner, my recommendation for gifting is… drumroll please- CHOCOLATE! 
Our Compass office at 891 Beach Street is in the heart of Ghirardelli Square. I suggest you skip the box of chocolates and make it an experience. 
There is nothing like a walk to this historic location and a taste of a chocolate sundae. 
For everyone else on your LOVE LIST, including yourself of course… check out my favorites below. 

Love Your Guests - Habitual Hostess

Habitual Hostess (@habitualhostess) is my new go-to for entertaining inspiration! This new Instagram account was started by a good friend and the ULTIMATE hostess is filled with everything from tablescapes to Sunday night dinners to winter cocktail recipes.
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Love Your Home - Decor 

Sacramento Street has always been a go-to for home decor upgrades. Of course, Hudson Grace provides so many incredible basics, and the treasures found at Decoration by Allison Caccoma and Found by Maja are perfect compliments.
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Love Your City - Hero Shop SF

HOW ADORABLE is this new collaboration between San Francisco/Marin Country Mart’s Hero Shop and the superb Lingua Franca?! This “I Heart SF” cashmere sweater is the ultimate in loving your city- 20% of sales benefit San Francisco’s Raphael House, an organization providing direct aid for housing, food, tech, and education for families in need.
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Love your community - Clubhouse

"One Kind Thing" Room in Clubhouse- Clubhouse is ALL THE RAGE. For those who aren't on yet, Clubhouse is a drop-in live audio app that brings people from all backgrounds together LIVE. I've started my day off in the BEST way by dropping into the One Kind Thing room at 7 a.m. on weekdays. The participants come up with one way to be kind each day and challenge each other to follow through and spread joy. 
Ideas have ranged from leaving a dollar bill on the sidewalk to helping an elderly person sign up to receive the vaccine. Such a great way to start the day!
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Love Yourself - 8 Greens

8 Greens - I love the green juices from Jane Cafe on Fillmore and As Quoted on Sacramento Street, but sometimes I need something more accessible- and less expensive! I was already obsessed with the original 8 Greens tablets, and now they have launched these new gummies, making it even easier to get your daily greens on the go. Dawn Russell, the founder, has an incredible story of how the power of plants brought her back to good health. 
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Love Yourself Some More - Walker Valentine

What better way to celebrate, well, YOU, than by just putting your name on something… permanently! If you aren’t already familiar with Walker Valentine, the super chic monogram applique line by San Francisco resident Summer Tompkins Walker, you are in for a treat. It’s time to double down on self-love in 2021 and monogram EVERYTHING… and do it right with these high-quality indulgences that will be staples for life.
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