July, 2023


Malibu Farm in Tiburon

My new favorite spot in Tiburon! As the most recent addition to a handful of exciting openings in downtown Tiburon, Malibu Farm surprised me in a few refreshing ways. First, the portions are generous in pricing. We are used to high prices for relatively small portions here, and I was taken aback by the serving sizes which are perfect for sharing. Second, everything I have had on the menu has exceeded my expectations. The ceviche, the breakfast sandwich, the fish tacos, the salads- highly recommend it all (including the cocktails that in some ways seem healthy to me! Lots of fresh juice.) Finally, Malibu Farms is open Thursday-Monday 9 am-3 pm and 5 pm-8 pm. It’s lovely to have a restaurant with high-quality offerings in a BEAUTIFUL setting available for breakfast and lunch on such a regular basis. Stop by and tell me what you think- and don’t miss out on other hot spots like Petite Left Bank, The Caviar Company, and Bungalow Kitchen. Next on my list for Tiburon is the renovated Caprice. 
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Courtside Cocktail Napkins from Caitlin Fisher

Cocktail napkins designed by a San Francisco-based influencer with a tennis theme? Sign me up! I was gifted the “Club Pour” napkin set from Half Past Seven and use them quite often. These adorable sets designed by Caitlin Fisher check all the boxes for client gifts, hostess gifts - or gifts for your own home. And for daily inspiration on how to live well in San Francisco, Marin, or anywhere for that matter. click here.

Eve Wellness

When it comes to cancer screening, early detection is key as we all know. The recent loss of a beloved friend in our community to colorectal cancer has made early screening top of mind for many. I have had to schedule a number of these screenings on my list in 2023, but nothing has been easier than working with Eve Wellness. Located on Union Street, I was able to schedule an ultrasound breast scan online and go in the very next day. The ultrasound machine was developed by a San Francisco resident, and Eve Wellness started by his son who wanted to make this type of screening as accessible as possible. I am not a physician and do not want to detract from anyone getting a regular mammogram screening, but check out this recent feature on KRON 4 about Eve Wellness and the benefits that an ultrasound scan may provide for you or someone in your family.
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St. Regis Punta Mita

We just returned from our first trip to St. Regis Punta Mita- and we are obsessed. We are late to the party on this, but can’t help to tell others about the gorgeous property currently being renovated. The staff at the St. Regis was extremely helpful and gracious. Our 9 and 6-year-olds loved the kids club, which is open every day and offers tons of activities for all ages. We were able to get a babysitter for our 10-month-old every day, which helped us enjoy the pool and beach sans kids! Check out Mina (formerly Si Senor) and order the fresh fish when you are there. Check out my Summer Reset blog about St. Regis here!
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July, 2022


Dodo Banana

When it comes to kids' pajamas, style and comfort are imperative. Dodo Banana combines both of these along with being sustainably made- not to mention Dodo Banana was founded and created by local San Franciscan, Fiona Montgomery! I can’t get enough of their stripe sets, but my kids are obsessed with their whimsical patterns and prints.
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Paravel Packing Cubes

I’m an organization fanatic (queue the Neat Method obsession I have written about dozens of times!). When it comes to traveling, especially with family, everything needs to have its place. These Paraval Packing Cubes make things simple from the moment I pack until the moment I unpack and offer a level of style when my family and I “explode” the luggage in our hotel room. Combine that with family member-specific monograms?! I mean, you had me at hello!
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Kate Schelter

I’ve been Instagram stalking Kate Schelter for years, and last year I picked up her book Classic Style while I was traveling in Seaside, Florida. I read it cover to cover and fell in love with her simple yet playful illustrations. Just a few weeks ago I learned about a flash sale on her watercolors and I went to TOWN. I snagged a classic wayfarer, the Jeep Wagoneer, a blue and white stripe print, and - my ultimate - the LL Bean tote. My living room has been transformed with these watercolors at the center, and I couldn’t be happier. Check out her site and let me know what you think.
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Driver's Market

My recent closing on Bonita Street in Sausalito brought me over to one of my FAVORITE spots. I started frequenting Driver’s Market after being told about it by a friend during the pandemic. It’s the perfect spot to grab light groceries, a delicious sandwich, or a bottle of wine on the way to a friend’s house. I’m often in Southern Marin for business AND pleasure - and Driver’s is always a stop!
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Bay Club Golden Gateway and Ross Valley

The Bay Club is nothing new, but I’m highlighting it as a favorite anyway. This summer my kids have enjoyed camps at both the Gateway San Francisco location and in sunny Marin at the Ross Valley location. The camps are super well run, INCLUDE LUNCH!, and are sure to provide enough activity for any child so that they sleep well at night. Tennis, arts and crafts, and lots of swimming and fun can be expected at the camps where you do NOT have to be a member. But I strongly suggest looking into membership as well. We joined another private swim and tennis club in Marin in July 2020 and use it every week. I have many friends who have joined Bay Club Ross Valley and are loving the “escape” it offers from a foggy summer day in SF. Questions about private clubs in San Francisco and Marin? Call me and I am happy to give you the lay of the land when it comes to swim clubs, eating clubs, yacht clubs, and other “members only” type establishments. 
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July, 2021

It’s midsummer in San Francisco! You may be out of town soaking up the rays, or you may be in the city fighting the fog. Either way… this list will get you through! (Side note… after growing up 110-degree plus weather in Arizona, I LOVE the summer fog in SF!)


Weezie Beach Towels

Whether you are lying on the beach, poolside, or hopping out of the shower, a plush towel can just upgrade your entire experience. Enter Weezie. These ultra-luxurious towels are worth every penny, and the monogram experience is an ultimate upgrade.
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Fish Sausalito

When I’m craving oysters, crab rolls, Sauvignon Blanc, and views of the harbor, Fish in Sausalito is my JAM. The fresh catch never disappoints. This locally owned restaurant will keep you coming back for years to come. (I threw my husband’s 34th surprise birthday party there… and last night we realized that was 13 years ago. WHEW!)
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Summer in San Francisco means you need a warm coat right?! These Herno jackets are a total must-have for style and functionality.
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Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo

After trying several high-priced dry shampoos, I’ve taken my stylist’s advice and gone to Walgreens to pick up this DREAM PRODUCT. It’s less than $9 and the scent transports me directly to a beach in Hawaii. Sometimes I even use a tad after a blow-dry just so I can close my eyes and think I’m somewhere tropical.
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Hermes Beach Pouch

An ultra-large Hermes beach bag may not be on your mid-summer shopping list, but these pouches should be on everyone. Whether they carry your keys, wallet, and sunscreen or are a part of your weekend travel bag filled with toiletries, they heighten any look and last forever. 

Amazon Butterfly Sunglasses

If I purchase a pair of sunglasses for more than $100 I will FOR SURE lose them. When I saw a friend of mine with these super chic and glamorous shades, I had to know where she bought them… and I was THRILLED when I found out they were under $25 for two pairs Of course, these are the glasses I have miraculously held on to for more than 6 months- and they are seemingly indestructible.
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