June, 2023


Fisher’s on Sacramento

Chic, chic, chic! Josephine Fisher Interiors has opened a storefront on Sacramento Street. I snagged the most adorable sets of linen hand towels for our powder bath during her opening and am currently eyeing some new custom bedding. I highly recommend making an appointment with Josie to visit her store (perhaps with friends, and a bottle of champagne?!) or following her on Instagram so you can be in the loop on her curated set of pop-ups happening this fall.
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Nick’s Seafood (Pacifica)

Two weeks ago I was driving my daughter down to a surf camp in Pacifica and was reminded of a TOTAL hot spot in Pacifica. No, it's not the Taco Bell on the beach- which is also quite an attraction. It's Nick's in Rockaway Beach. This place is a total flashback to a simpler time when dimmed lighting, martinis, live music, and a classic crab sandwich could solve all major problems- and maybe still can! Check out their live music schedule and let me know if you plan to head down.
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Stonestown Galleria

Must say I did not ever think I would be making Stonestown a must-have!!!! But in my treks down to Pacifica for surf camp, I was reminded that Stonestown offers quite a few attractions- and parking! Where else can you get Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Target, Zara, Uniqlo, Apple, and Shake Shack all in one place? Because I live in the Marina my go-to is usually Marin, but I will be venturing down Park Presidio to 19th Avenue to hit up Stonestown from time to time now! (on my way back from Nick's for lunch of course!)
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Bothin Burn Center

Bothin Burn Center at St. Francis Memorial Hospital: I hope you NEVER need this must-have! But just in case one of the things I am most grateful for about living in San Francisco is the access to world-class healthcare sometimes just blocks away from where we live. On Father's Day, my 9-month-old son received second-degree burns- from SOUP! He grabbed a cup of hot soup at a restaurant before I could stop him and his tiny wrist immediately blistered. Within 45 minutes we were being seen at CPMC on Van Ness and the next morning we had an appointment at the Bothin Burn Center at St. Francis. Not even one week later he is completely healed. I love Sollis Health, but my children are not enrolled there, so I was very grateful to have this world-class center so easily accessible for our family. I parked in the garage just across the street on Pine (which St. Francis validates)- and was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Pro tip- don't wait on burns! See a specialist immediately. If you have had a pleasant experience at one of the healthcare facilities around SF, I would love to hear about it if you are open to sharing!
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June, 2022


Top Gun: Maverick

Run don’t walk. I had extremely low expectations for this movie, but it’s honestly one of the best I have seen in a while - and in the theater! It is so important to see it in a theater and not from your home. Maverick, the Ghost of Goose- Jennifer Connelly- beach football scenes (almost rival the volleyball) - and of course, the new character, Rooster - are all both sentimental and fresh at the same time. Maybe it’s my love for the original flick that has me high on this film, but see it and decide for yourself! We saw it with friends after an amazing meal at Mamanoko (my all-time fave) - and suggest you do the same.
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Smathers & Branson

“Classic Needlepoint Revisited”. You literally cannot go wrong with Smathers and Branson. While these high-quality belts, hats, coasters, and keychains have an East Coast vibe, they are one of my favorite brands because one of the owners/founders is a San Francisco resident. So feel good while you are shopping local! Make it an even more Bay Area vibe by selecting a piece or two from their Grateful Dead collection.
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Brazen Head

I’m featuring two very different San Francisco restaurants this month. Brazenhead is a best-kept secret for those who know it. On the corner of Greenwich and Buchanan, if it weren’t for the relatively new parklet, you would likely miss it. Locals know Brazenhead is the perfect place for an “everyone knows your name” feeling paired with martinis, steaks, and late-night eating hours- just what you need when leaving the Marina Triangle!
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Get your phone out IMMEDIATELY and book a reservation at Ernest SF. My foodie friend/client got us a 5:30 reservation on a Tuesday at this new restaurant in the Mission. To be honest- I hadn’t heard of it, but now I can’t go to sleep at night without dreaming of their sushi rice, Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, California King Salmon, and Lo Mein. Chef Brandon Rice has outdone himself and I will be making the trip across the city again to dine at Ernest.
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You just can’t go wrong with a Yeti. The coolers, drinkware, and even accessories for the canines in your life make me want to pack up the car and drive to Stinson for a beach barbeque. But these aren’t just for the dads. Customize your children’s water bottles with their names and you are sure to never lose another water bottle again!
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