Seasonality. It’s a term you may often hear in real estate.

Typically the fall and spring seasons are quite active, and summer and winter/holiday seasons are less so. But over the past 18 months, “seasonality” has been thrown to the wayside. Is it back? Signs are pointing to yes. Our 2021 Spring season was incredibly active. Summer, especially due to so many San Franciscans taking long-anticipated vacations- was quite slow.
Now one month into fall, we are seeing a rise in home sales, but similar to that of previous falls - slightly tempered from a spring season. Interestingly, the condo market which had plunged during Covid has reappeared. Is there a “right time” to sell? A more important question to ask is, is it the right time for YOU? Quality properties that have been professionally prepared for the market will do well no matter the season. Contact me if you have questions about what you could be doing now to prepare your home for a future sale. I’m happy to help.

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