November, 2023


Marche Holiday Market Place:

Get your tickets today for this well-curated marketplace coming together on Saturday, November 11.  I learned about the Marche fair through one of the vendors, who is also a friend who will have her amazing Dodo Banana children’s pajamas for sale there. But I was thrilled to hear that Frank and Eileen, Dore, and a long list of other chic brands will be featured. My mom is flying into town and we are headed to Oakland on Saturday to check it out.
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Tags from Soiree San Francisco:

Soiree San Francisco is a true treasure chest of printed goodies. Holiday cards, invitations, and stationery are the absolute best from this locally-owned shop- but the tags are a must-have for this season.  Buy them for yourself to elevate every hostess gift, or make the tags a gift of their own!
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Cote Ouest French Bistro:

The fall weather pairs perfectly with a walk over to Baker Street to visit this special neighborhood bistro. I highly recommend the mussels, and goat cheese salad, and don’t skip the steak frites. The story of how Cote Ouest came to be is worth a read, and there is no mystery as to why the quality of the food and atmosphere at this restaurant is exceptional.
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Birdies (Ballet Slippers!)

If you haven’t already- save the date for the Opening Night of the San Francisco Ballet on January 24, 2024. I am honored to be the Opening Night Gala Chair, along with my good friends Pam Preston as Dinner Chair and Maria Hemphill as Decor Chair.  I was thrilled to learn that Birdies was doing a featured Ballet Flat and welcomed the SF Ballet Artistic Director Tamara Rojo to their shop just last month. Birdies make fabulous gifts for the holidays- or all-year-round gifts for yourself.
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Lingua Franca at Marin Country Mart

Run don’t walk to this special store at Marin Country Mart. Lingua Franca sweaters are some of my favorites- including the “Every Day I’m Hustling” creme crew neck and the “I Love SF” navy blue button-down I currently own. Can’t wait for more!
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November, 2022


Hudson Grace Winter Candle

Welcome your Thanksgiving guests and prepare your home for the holiday season with this classic scent from Hudson Grace. I love featuring a three-wick candle in my listings to welcome buyers and agents and suggest you do the same in your home. It’s also a good time to select a few holiday ornaments from their collection. (I have a feeling this Queen Elizabeth ornament will be seen on many trees in 2022!)
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Guardsmen Tree Lot

There are many places to purchase your tree and holiday decor, but only the Guardsmen Tree Lot sends kids to camp at the same time. It’s our holiday tradition to go to a friend's house for waffles the Saturday after Thanksgiving, then walk down to “the lot” to see friends, have a bloody mary, and select a tree for the season.
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The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

As the weather gets cold and rainy in San Francisco, many residents plan their trips to warm weather - and the Mauna Kea is a local favorite. While still being an escape from the usual, you are guaranteed to run into someone you know while sipping a Fredrico drink on the beach. Book your tennis lessons early with Coach Wayne or Coach Tim, and get your family together with Coach Brad for a Pickleball tournament. I also have tips on securing babysitters so your trip can truly be a vacation. Don’t forget to pick up a rash guard or visor to wear when you return to the city so everyone knows you have been there.
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Hog Island Oyster Company in Marshall

Book early to snag a table for oysters at Hog Island Oyster Company. This is prime time for oysters and accouterment, and locals know that this is the best place to enjoy seafood while also experiencing the best of West Marin.
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Here are my favorites for staying thankful, cozy, and present for the last few months of 2021.


November, 2020


MasterClass (Metallica- Being a Band)

Yes, you read that correctly. The Metallica MasterClass on Being a Band is my November Must Have. The MasterClass app became an addition of mine during the pandemic. I started with Anna Wintour’s class on Creativity and Leadership. Then I listened to Never Split the Difference author, Chris Voss, speak about the Art of Negotiation. My goal with listening to the Metallica class was not to start my band (yet) but to learn more about their journey as a team over the past 40 years. They give a detailed account of how they have grown as a group and as individuals- great instruction for anyone in business or who has a family. The bonus? They teach about music as well. Their explanation of developing and then teasing a riff for each song, as well as the level of dedication it requires to write lyrics, is fascinating. Email me after you have listened to it! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. (And important to note- Metallica is a Bay Area Band) Another MasterClass not to miss - Robert Reffkin (Founder of Compass) on Buying and Selling Real Estate.

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

The holidays can often be a time of adding “more”. More events, more presents, more food, more drink. If you are preparing your home for a spring sale, it’s good to keep in mind that what comes IN must also go OUT. This concept is also true for your calendar and your mental capacity. I’ve listened to Essentialism TWICE over the past month on Audible, and it has become a new way of living for me. The message is about identifying what is truly important and eliminating all that does not pursue that. This philosophy calls sleep “an asset”- and that is for SURE something I agree with!
Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.


Fewer Better Things. This tagline from the San Francisco-based leather and apparel store, Cuyana, has bizarrely encouraged me to buy fewer better things from their new store on Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights! The soft and luxurious fabrics are surprisingly approachable in pricing. Their leather goods are of the highest quality- and get this. They monogram ON SITE.  Get there fast before the holiday surge, but make no mistake this is a year-round obsession for me and many others. 
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A fine jewelry store that has a conscience?! SIGN ME UP! Vrai is opening their San Francisco store in Hayes Valley this month and I CANNOT wait. Vrai diamonds are elegant, classic enough for every day, and can also be showstopping for holiday parties. Best of all, VRAI diamonds are sustainably created.
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Carol Curtis Needlepoint Design

I’ve showcased my mother’s incredible watercolors in the past, but this must-have is for the needlepoint-loving friends and family you have. The vibrant colors and designs in Carol Curtis Needlepoint's canvases are unmatched by other designers. Contact her to place your holiday order- and she will even package there for you to create the perfect gift- for you or your loved one!
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Table and Teaspoon

This company is a PARTY TO GO! Even though we are sheltering in place it doesn’t mean that we have to bore ourselves to death with the same old white dishware we’ve been using since March. Upgrade this holiday season by creating a party at home for your family or pod, and use Table and Teaspoon to help you take it up a notch! Simply go on their website, select the style you would like for your table decor and place settings, and order away! 
Use code “MCH” for 15% off through December 31, 2020 
The whole setup arrives in a sturdy box- and you don’t even have to wash the dishes when you are finished! Simply send them back. Bonus- this amazing company was created by San Francisco resident and female entrepreneur, Liz Curtis! (No relation- although I have known Liz since college.)
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Speaking of exceptionally awesome SF female entrepreneurs, Bianca Gates, and Marisa Sharkey filled a major hole in the market when they created Birdies, the stylish flat that is secretly a slipper! I was quick to purchase the first set of Birdies when they came out years ago, but their new line has me completely smitten. Their flagship store is on Union Street, and I will be stopping by there to pick up the Swan, which I plan to wear at home this entire holiday season.
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Rockets of Awesome

I’m so late to the party on this one but I am now OBSESSED and so are my kids. Rockets of Awesome is an uber-cool kids clothing company that curates a box for your kids that is sure to impress. My daughter wears a uniform during the week, and we seriously needed to up her weekend wardrobe game. Rockets of Awesome sent her a fabulous sequin skirt that is appropriate for Sunday Brunch. My son had been wearing his “uniform” of a short-sleeved Spiderman shirt and navy shorts we needed to mix it up! He fell in love with everything in his shipment and now we finally have some variety in his closet!
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NOW power yoga

Susan Hauser, founder of NOW, has quite the following. Her daily high-energy yoga classes attract hundreds of participants via Zoom. And they show up every day! I was turned on to NOW by a handful of friends back in 2018, and I am hooked. Susan’s ability to transform both her students’ bodies and minds in one hour is magical. If you have the chance to be in her class in person- run don’t walk! But for now, roll out your mat and start with her streamed classes- don’t be surprised if she mentions your name in a shout-out! 
Pro Tip: No matter the day, Susan’s playlist is over the top amazing, but Thursdays are a “Throwback” so you may find yourself doing the Bird Pose to Don Henley or Goddess Pose to Janet Jackson. I won’t miss it!
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