Union has it all from big boxes to small mom-and-pops

Union Street in Cow Hollow is an extremely vibrant walking street where you can run into everyone from 22-year-olds just graduating from college to venture capital moguls and all between the Blue Light and Rose’s Cafe! When we talk about iconic San Francisco streets, Union defines the northern part of the city. Shops, gyms, restaurants and cafes. Union has it all from big boxes to small mom and pops. The Union Street Festival was a party NOT TO MISS for me for many years. It catered to everyone from college grads to families with kids. Fingers crossed as we come out of the Covid 19 pandemic we will be back on the street with friends celebrating our beautiful city!

Keeping Fit on Union

When it comes to Marina/Cow Hollow/Pac Heights residents who invest in keeping healthy, they could live on Union.  Between Equinox in the old theater, Soul Cycle, BodyworkSF, and a handful of yoga and pilates studios, there are plenty of classes and trainers to go around.
Look good while sweating it out and stop by Sweaty Betty or Lululemon. Grab a hint of water on your way to class (and maybe Loving Cup on your way out?!)
This 7x7 article covers all of this and more, including multiple places for juice and healthy food!
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Getting Social On Union

The bars on the union are unrivaled. Although some of these hot spots may be closed because of Covid right now, there is a good chance they will return. Many a marriage union began on Union!
The Bus Stop was a required stop for me when visiting SF from Santa Clara University, and I know more than one couple who met there (ordering pizza from their landline to the restaurant of course.)
When I moved to Pacific Heights, my roommate and I would go down the hill to Taco Tuesday the BlueLight, which is also the official bar for many college alumni groups. If you’ve graduated from the college bar scene, check out The Brixton, which is still young and vibrant but elevated.
Oh- the article would not be complete without a mention of the Mauna Loa and their arcade scene in the back.
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Brunching on Union, Until Dinner

Union Street was made for boozy brunches. Perry’s, Rose’s Cafe, Terzo, Flores, and Wildseed can take you from mimosas to cocktail hour.
There is something for everyone on Union Street. I’m now walking up the “hill” from the Marina to check out Luke’s Local regularly. It’s the perfect market for a quick bite or to do a weekly grocery run.  Local tip- stop by the liquor store next door for dreamy frozen yogurt and the Bud Stop across the street for the BEST blooms in San Francisco. But don’t get a ticket while parking at the bus stop!

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